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You gotta looooove cheeeeeese!

by Brand Amplification
March 29th, 2019

Not sure if you know

But I am one of those twigs and berries kind of guys

Yep, vegetarian

But something happened to me this week which made my heart melt

It was last Saturday

After another action packed (totally manic) Saturday

Four kids and shopping in Sainsbury’s is not for the faint hearted I tell thee!

And with Kel out on the lash (AGAIN), it was time for something quick for tea

Two choices, any more and Isobelle has a mind melt

Chicken nuggets or fish fingers?

Ruby said “but I like fish”

“So you want fish fingers then?”


A very confused look came across my face

“So you want fish fingers?”


Now I’m totally confused

But then it came, prepare the tissues

“I like fish and I like chickens, I don’t think I want to eat them again”

As they say in the Black Country “bless her little cotton socks”

And so it began, Ruby is now one of us and I couldn’t be prouder

To make that decision at the age of eight is pretty mega I think

So now we have the trials and tribulations of finding veggie food she likes

We’re well on the way to stocking up but my speciality halloumi wraps are a step too far

Halloumi, red pepper, red onion and roasted red pepper houmous are a joy to behold

You have to try them

Trust me, I’m a professor in all things cheeseage

But it wasn’t just that

It was a double whammy

Whilst eating lunch with the kids

I could see this woman keep looking over

She was on her own, enjoying a peaceful cuppa

Then me and my mob turned up and all hell broke loose

If there’s one thing we excel in its breaking silence and making a scene

Once she’d finished her cuppa she came over

“Do you know what?” the lady said

“It’s wonderful to hear children laugh and have fun. With all this Brexit and knife crime going around. You have really made my day”

Well I’m an emotional kind of guy and thought what she said was soooo sweet

The kids on the other hand, were still chucking straws and crumbs at each other but hey ho

So, going back to Ruby’s epic decision to join the veggie fellowship

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Who makes the decision on what to buy and where to buy it?

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We offer you peace of mind and make sure whatever you order is fit for purpose and also gets you seen and remembered

Right I’m off to buy more cheese

I’m thinking cheese plate, followed by cheese fondue, followed by cheesecake


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