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You can shove your sprouts, it’s carrots all the way!

by Brand Amplification
December 7th, 2018

Now it’s December, I feel comfortable with the word Christmas.

It really is my favourite time of year.

I just looooove Christmas films, Nice food and an excuse to drink more alcohol…… hiccup.

But there is one thing that has annoyed me already this Christmas.

Christmas is a time for giving and showing appreciation.

Not fighting and arguing.

But there is always one isn’t there?????????

Always one person who feels their need is greater than others!!!

One who is out to make a quick buck ……..

Who is willing to manipulate parents into paying way over the odds for items most wanted by children all over.

In years gone by it has been Hatchimals then LOL dolls, what next?

Can you guess what I am talking about yet?????

I am talking about Kevin the Carrot and his mates!!

Aldi was a NO GO area for me on the day these came out.

I know people who queued outside Aldi branches to get these (I may have to rethink my friends I tell ya)

The poor folk who just wanted their weekly shop were left unable to get to the tills (and as Mat mentioned last week Aldi tills are hard enough on a normal week).

There were even fights breaking out.

Ridiculous if you ask me.

Then you have the aforementioned people who feel it is ok to fill their trollies with these much sort after items and then put them on eBay for quadruple the price.


This meant there were a lot of upset children whose parents hadn’t managed to bag a cuddly.

Aldi are geniuses for doing this though.

Last year the craze was Kevin the Carrot, so what did they do?

They create a whole family.

Jasper, Chantenay, Pascal to name a few.

They even created Kevin the Carrot wrapping paper!!!!

Pure genius, we buy these things.

We wrap them up in paper we buy from them.

And what does this do?

Promotes Aldi!!

We all know where Kevin the Carrot comes from.

So, when you think about your business, are you giving away something that reminds clients who you are and what you do?

Are you providing potential customers with something they will keep and use regularly that reminds them of you?

Have you managed to wow your customers with promotional items that make them think wow these guys know their shiz?

If not you need to speak to us. We have a whole process dedicated to making this happen.

Contact us to find out more about it.


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