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Work that was as pain-free as Xodos treatments

Sally Wagstaff, owner of Xodos, an award-winning aesthetics and beauty business, reached a major business milestone this year when she opened her second clinic at the prestigious Aston Wood Golf Club.

Sally launched Xodos in 2013 offering pain-free, permanent laser-hair removal from The Hexagon at Curborough Countryside Centre.

She has now expanded the services she offers to include chemical peels, skin rejuvenation and tattoo removal as well as other beauty services such as gel nails, waxing, eyelash and eyebrow treatments and much more.

With a new clinic to launch and promote alongside her original salon, Sally called on Mat of Personalised Nation for help with signage to make sure both her clinics were known and remembered.

Sally said: “Working with Mat and his team of installers was a great experience. They were calm, efficient and brilliant. Not once did I have to say: ‘That’s great, BUT can you just……’.

“Of all the work I’ve had done this was the easiest, fastest and there was no drama. They did what they said they would do, when they said they would do it and left everything perfectly clean and tidy.”

Mat created and installed personalised window graphics, outdoor signage and acrylic signs for the new clinic that were matched perfectly to the Xodos colour guides and branding. He and his team also designed and installed new signs at the Curborough clinic.

Sally said: “Mat was also able to create something I couldn’t just go out and buy. I wanted some plastic templates with holes of different sizes cut in them that I could place over tattoos because pricing is based on the size of the ink work. Templates are a clear, fair and easy way of showing people that if the tattoo fits within a certain template that sets the price.

“The bespoke tattoo templates look great, and Mat put the Xodos logo on them, which I wouldn’t have thought of. I will definitely be using Mat for future work that I am going to need.”

Xodos Aesthetics Xodos Aesthetics Xodos Aesthetics Xodos Aesthetics Xodos Aesthetics Xodos Aesthetics

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