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Who on earth is ‘H’?

by Brand Amplification
May 8th, 2019


I cannot believe it!

I thought my heart was literally going to pop out of my chest

Every once in a while there’s an epic TV programme

And this time around its Line of Duty

It’s one of those series that YOU HAVE TO WATCH

It’s also got a great line up of actors, especially Steve Graham

Me and Mat think he’s brill

He’s one of those actors that you can’t really remember anything bad he’s done

Boardwalk Empire, Gangs of New York, Taboo all amazing

And then there is the FABULOUS This Is England

I’m sure you will agree

All well worth a watch

As you can imagine, we don’t get much TV time

And when we do it’s usually interrupted by Jude

He loves to spread a yarn

Especially when it’s bed time

Any excuse to come downstairs to delay the inevitable

It does make me and Mat chuckle

Anywhoo, back to Line Of Duty

Soooo many twists and turns I almost felt dizzy

But I had a sneaky feeling who it was

Mat on the other hand, well he’s useless

I think he pointed the finger at everyone during the final episode

At one point I’m sure I gave him the look

You know the one

The look that says ‘you numpty’

But we got there in the end

And we have another series

Mat is convinced ‘H’ is Kate, but I’m unsure

I’m sure all will be revealed soon and I can’t wait

It’s always great to have things to look forward to

Whether at home or at work

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Well if you are we need a chat

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I’ll bring donuts, I promise

Right, I’m off to search Netflix and Sky for something else to watch

If you have any suggestions that would be fab

Before Mat makes me watch something that will inevitably have gangs, guns and a lot of swearing in

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