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Well, there goes my contract with Vogue!

by Brand Amplification
July 20th, 2017

Sometimes you’ve got to hold your hand up and say sorry.

Last week I committed a mortal sin.

I know I keep harping on about being remembered, and being remembered for the right reason.

Well, lets just say I dropped a clanger.

The question is:

What’s the worst thing that you can do in a meeting?

It’s not that , it’s 10 times worse believe me.

And to make things worse, its me who’s always banging on about being remembered.

And its not just about being remembered.

Its about being remembered for the right reasons.

So here it is .


Yep, you’ve got it.

I only went to a meeting with a prospective new client with trousers, shoes and WHITE SOCKS!

To fight my own corner, I do have an excuse.

It was hot in the morning so I had my shorts on.

So I took a change of clothes so I could go to the meeting prepared.

But low and behold.


And in the words of Scooby Doo.

“I would have got away with it, if it wasn’t for those pesky stairs”

Yes that’s correct.

I strategically placed myself all meeting where they couldn’t see my socks.

And all was going well until I heard the dreaded words.

“The next room is upstairs, you lead the way Mat”.

Well, anyone who has ever worn trousers, knows the science behind the trouser leg lifting and stair combo.

So I painfully walked up the stairs, knowing my white socks were on show.

So the moral of the story is :

Are you being remembered for the right reasons, or are you being remembered for wearing white socks with black shoes and trousers!

If you think your business is wearing white socks.

Then get in touch and let us buy you some new ones.

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