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Turning 40 wasn’t that bad!

by Brand Amplification
February 14th, 2019

As you will know I turned 40 two weeks ago

I had a great day launching the BNI network meeting me and Mat attend

Had a fab party to celebrate with my friends

I was a bit worse for wear the next day though I can tell you. I am not able to party like I used to anymore!!!!

I received lots of lovely gifts (and in true Nation style, I’m still receiving gifts this week, talk about stretching the celebrations out)

You can imagine how hectic our house was on the morning of my birthday: “Mommy you sit here and I will bring your presents, no I will, No I will, NO I WILL!!”

In the end, we agreed the kids could take it in turn passing them over

Well, there was one present Mat kept to one side

I wasn’t allowed to open it until the end

It was an envelope that said open me first

Now those who know me know I just LOVE surprises

So I opened the envelope and inside there was a note

I was so excited at this point I could hardly read it

It was instructions telling me to open another envelope and pass the contents onto the kids

So another envelope was passed over, inside that were 2 more envelopes (no envelopes were harmed in the making of this, I have recycled them I promise)

One said pass to Isobelle and the other pass to Ruby

The suspense was killing me and if you have ever been waiting for an 8 year old to read something aloud it seems to take a lifetime

Anyway, we got the gist that this was to be a game of articulate

The kids had cards with clues on and I was to guess what they were describing

So the clues were:

  • Who looks after us when you go out on the Raz – Nanny Sue
  • What does Nanny do if you are not going to be back from the raz till late – sleepover
  • What are chips made from – potatoes
  • What are the things on my Disney bracelet – charms (I didn’t get the word lucky so had to be told this)

Now at this point it occurred to me I should be remembering these answers to try and guess the gift, have you guessed it yet? I still hadn’t at this point:

  • How did we get to Disney World – Aeroplane (I am shrieking are we going on a plane somewhere?)
  • What do you pack clothes in to go on holiday – Suitcase
  • What did you need to get on the plane – (this took a few guesses) passport
  • Book of records – Guinness

You got it!!!! (and much to Mat’s relief so had I)

Me and Mat are going to Dublin

I have always wanted to go and just never got around to it

Better still we are going for the weekend with no kids

Even better than that we are on the way to the airport now, eeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk!

Now some of the clues I was given could have been about anything

The one thing that gave it away as to where I was being whisked away to?


It is something most of us would associate with Ireland and so I am told, it tastes better in Dublin

So, do your customers think of you when they need a certain product or service?

Do they associate your business with their needs straight away?

If not, we can help you make sure they know you, your brand and the services you offer and that they would never dream of going elsewhere for the services or products you offer.


Well get in touch and we can chat to you about what we can do for you.

Right I have got a gin to drink and a plane to catch so ta ra for now!

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