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They may take away our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom!

by Brand Amplification
March 15th, 2019

Now I’m not talking the English army

I’m talking kids

Long gone are the days of freedom

The weekend trips to the local pub

The gigs, the festivals, the weekends away

How far is long gone?

Well, 10 years Monday, that’s how long

Isobelle, who also goes by the names of Doris, Razzle and Snazza, turned 10

Where on earth have those years gone?

They have literally flown by

So WHEN you do have chance to have time to yourself you have to grab it with both hands

This is what happened to me on Saturday

I did the traumatic trip to Aldi

Followed by a more sedate trip to Morrisons

Then into Cannock to a quick trip to the options to get my lenses changed

It wasn’t until I arrived I heard the blessing

“I’m sorry Mr Nation. Your lenses have not been cut yet. They will be about 30 minutes”


So what do I do with these 30 minutes?

Do I take a sneaky trip to spoons?


I value my life, so thought better of it

So I took the safer option of a Costa coffee

A full pint of filter to be precise

And relax……….

Well it was relaxing, till I knocked the table and spilt it everywhere

I couldn’t even blame the kids!

So I did what any normal father would do, having been blessed with this 30 minutes of wonderfulness

I posted it on Facebook

It wasn’t till I get home and noticed a comment

“I bet you parked on Morrisons car park?”


You gotta love being recognised

The guy who commented is an old school friend

I’ve not seen or spoke to him in about 25 years

But he still recognises our logo, our brand, our business

But do people know yours?

Are your vans sign written?

Do your premises have signage that can be seen from the roadside?

Are you missing out on business by not being seen?

If you are, we need a chat

Now I do like freedom, but I prefer the chaos more

I love the mentalness (I think that’s a word) of our life and wouldn’t change it for the world

It’s what we do and love what we do

For the family and kids

To prove it here I am on dad duties with four nutty Nations on a trip to the park

Right, I’m off to prepare for a hangover

We’re going to a 40th party tomorrow and it’s going to be an epic one

Now where is the paracetamol and brofen?

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