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The wait is finally over…

by Brand Amplification
March 4th, 2019

For months and months and months we have been waiting

Seen adverts everywhere and faced endless questions from the kids

“how long is left?”

“When can we see it?”

The anticipation has been building

What am I talking about?

How to train your dragon of course

Our kids have watched every episode there was on TV

2,3,4 times over

And, I am not ashamed to admit so have me and Mat

We love it as much as they do

At Christmas the kids had the DVD of the How to train your dragon films 1 & 2

Despite the fact we had seen them before

But the films have a bit of everything

Fun, adventure, danger, love and suspense

For kids films they are great

Now the advert for How to train your dragon: Hidden world was out before Christmas

It was great (and made you laugh out loud)

It had that line at the end, released in the new year

The amount of google searches we did to find out when, I have lost count of

Then in the new year it was announced, out February

Isobelle’s birthday is in March and she suggested we see it for that

But we just couldn’t wait

It came out just before my 40th and we couldn’t make it there for a few weeks so last weekend we booked tickets

The kids were so excited

Now I don’t know if you have ever had this situation with films or series you have followed

1 and 2 are epic and then its downhill

I was really hoping it wouldn’t be one of those

Well it wasn’t. It was ace. Jude laughed nearly all the way through and the rest of us didn’t take our eyes off the film (not even when scoffing popcorn)

This will definitely be another purchase for The Nation household when it comes out on DVD

Our kids love everything Dragons

Ruby even bought a talking toothless with her Christmas money!

The film, its characters and branding are recognised by children and adults everywhere

They have their own range of toys, books, DVDs, clothing the list goes on

I am sure there will be a whole new array of items for sale on the back of the new films release

And I have no doubt our kids will want them

Our kids can spot them a mile off

Great branding and marketing right there

So are your products or services recognised far and wide?

Can people spot you a mile off?

If not you are missing a trick

Getting your brand recognised means customers will seek you out

If you want to know how we help our customers do this, get in touch

Right I am off to finish googling, will there be a Dragons 4

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