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The Venga Bus is coming, do do do do do do do!

by Brand Amplification
November 6th, 2017

Come on, don’t tell me you don’t know it.

It’s the cheesiest song ever written and Mat absolutely LOATHES it!

Still doesn’t stop him from car dancing to it though!

But it does strike a chord with our family.

And anyone who has seen me driving around will know why.

Our family car/bus/taxi is known by us Nations as THE VENGA BUS!

It’s what I drop the masses off to school in.

Drive to work and meetings in.

Go on holiday in.

It’s basically a work horse for ferrying us around.

“But is it signwritten” I hear you ask?


You don’t think Mat would let me drive around in something that wasn’t do you?

It’s a great way to amplify your brand.


Here’s are three instances when it has worked for us:

We were at the Lichfield Food Festival not so long back and a client text Mat with a photo of our car/bus/taxi.

The text said: “Brand Amplification at it’s best”.

Then on two instances it has been noticed whilst I was doing the school run.

One time by a graphic designer (who has THE BEST business cards I have ever seen).

And the other by a web design agency based in Cannock.

We have since had meetings with both companies and one of them has placed an order.

So see it does work.

Being recognised, being reminded and being remembered is KEY to any business.

If you’re not, how are your potential clients going to know who to call when they need your industries services.

Anywhoo, I couldn’t finish off without leaving you with this.

We like to party!
Do you like to party!
Do do do do do do do!

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