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Rain, rain, go away!!!!

by Brand Amplification
April 3rd, 2019

You know what?

Some memories will never disappear, whether they are good or bad

Back in 2017 we went on our first family holiday camping

I know what you are thinking

Four kids, one tent, are you mad?

Yep, we sure are

Everything was planned to perfection by the planning queen Kelly

The Venga Bus was packed to the rafters

And I mean packed, we even had a trailer

Picture the family wagon out of National Lampoons x 10

So off we travelled to the wonderful town of Woolacombe in Devon

Now, we had been there before on a wonderful sunny day out

But that didn’t prepare us for what was to come

Nobody and I mean NOBODY told us it was monsoon season

Well, I’m sure it wasn’t but it flippin felt like it was

From the minute we got there to the minute we left it rained, rained and rained some more

We were practically living in a swamp for a week

How we didn’t get trench foot I will never know

But the one saving grace was the entertainment lounge

And this brings me back to memories

It was the first time we heard it

A modern day classic

An absolute gem

Something to rival the best of the best

Yep, you got it

Chi Chi Wha


You’ve never heard it?

I think you better go check it out on YouTube

Trust me, its up there to rival anything Lennon and McCartney ever did

And what made me think of this?

A kids party

I took Jude to one the other week

And at the end you hear those dreaded words

‘Can we now have all the parents stand up please’

Now anyone who knows me knows I am partial to chucking a few shapes

Although alcohol usually does proceed it, but its frowned upon at kids parties, APPARENTLY

So up we go


And there it was

I was back in Woolacombe

Peeling mud off my best Onitsuka Tigers and trying not to cry

It’s funny how the brain works

Especially mine

Memories are about remembering stuff

The same message can relate to your business and brand

Is it being remembered?

Are people who are coming to see you or who you are meeting remembering you?

If not, you are missing a trick and probably missing out on sales!


We help businesses be remembered by putting your logo onto literally everything

And by using one supplier, saving you time, hassle and money

So if you are not the Chi Chi Wha of your industry

I think we need a chat, don’t you?

Right, I’m off to visit Bear Grylls


Well we have another camping holiday booked this year but for two weeks and I think I’m going to need all the help we can get!

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