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Rain, mud, brand amplification, with a silly dance thrown in for good measure

by Brand Amplification
August 16th, 2017

If you’ve ever heard the expression ‘I need a holiday to recover from my holiday’, well that’s an understatement.

Last week we took the plunge.

Four kids, one tent, one crazy week ahead.

That’s right, we went camping.

Now that sounds fun, right?

Well, if you throw in rain, mud and a broken wrist (not me, my brother in law).

You can imagine we’ve had better times.

But along with all the rain, we did have some fun.

The campsite was Brand Amplification heaven.

Logos strategically placed everywhere, so we were constantly being reminded of where we were and what the site is called.

They even had their own buses which were branded to the maximum.

But the best thing was the restaurant.

Not only had they got printed menu holders, but even the cutlery packets had logos and offers on.

Absolute genius.

They sure knew how to get remembered.

I know I won’t forget them for a long time.

There was also one more thing that will make us remember the holiday.

It’s this little gem.


Now don’t tell me you didn’t join in.

Me and Kelly have been singing it and dancing round the unit all week.

I promise you, you won’t get it out of your head for the next few days, sorry.

Ha ha, not really!

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