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Rain, chocolate, games and even more rain

by Brand Amplification
April 4th, 2018

It’s a sure sign I’ve got a long weekend coming up.

Do you know why?

Because it’s absolutely chucking it down.

You could basically plan your holidays around mine.

And whenever I’m off work, don’t bother, cus it ALWAYS rains.

So, what do you do with four kids in tow and a guaranteed downpour?

Well, two things are surefire in our house.

Numero uno: food.

So on Friday we popped into a local café for a spot of lunch.

This was after a very traumatic visit to the opticians

“Traumatic” I hear you ask?

“Have you ever been to the opticians with four kids!?!?!”

So lunch done, with the added bonus of a competition win.

Yep, on Monday we had a call from the same café telling us that we had won afternoon tea for two.


Numero deaux: gamefest!

When it rains and we’re struggling for ideas, that’s when the gamefest begins in the Nation household!

Scrabble, hungry hippos, whack a mole, twister!

Yep you heard me TWISTER, BOOOOM!

But then it’s onto the old favourite, Trivial Pursuit.

It’s an absolute classic, and one we can all play and enjoy.

And Trivial Pursuit is owned by the kings, the daddies, the bosses of games, HASBRO!

Hasbro are nearly 100 years old, employ over 5000 people and turnover more than $5 billion.

And one of the key reasons for this is their brand.

It’s always remembered in our house, mainly because it’s all over the boxes.

But they have LOADS of subsidiary brands too, which are also being remembered, which in turn makes sure that Hasbro are being remembered.

So if you need help getting your Brand remembered.

Then drop me an email or a phone call.

And we can have a catch up over a coffee or two.

And I promise to leave the twister at home!

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