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Prost – Zum Wohl

by Brand Amplification
October 26th, 2018

No I haven’t lost it honestly.

Last weekend me and Mat went out!

Not just out, I mean out, out.

Anyone guess where we went?

Here are some clues, it involved:

  • Alcohol (lots of)
  • Dancing (some)
  • Singing (very bad)
  • Laughing (plenty)

Got it yet?


No unfortunately not the big one in Munich, the one held in Lichfield.

It is the first time we have been and we were there celebrating one of our friends 40th birthday.

When we entered the tent we were surrounded by everything celebrating Oktoberfest.

There were people dressed up, you could purchase Stein glasses and there were comedians and musicians on stage.

It was an amazing atmosphere (albeit maybe not as thrilling as the real thing in Munich)

This event had been very well thought out.

For months it was advertised everywhere.

So much so they had sold out of tickets weeks before the event.

There were banners showing us where to go.

The tent was blazened with the Oktoberfest Logo.

You could even buy Okoberfest beer gift sets!!!

How good is that?

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Needless to say we had a blinding night.

Although the next day was a different story.

I’m not as young as I used to be, even though my brain thought I was!!!!

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