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Pen, pen where are all the pens

by Brand Amplification
September 20th, 2017

We’ve all had this happen haven’t we.

I have a pen pot, which is a pretty good place to keep pens in my book.

But when you need one, you cant find one.

It usually happens when someone is on the other end of a call.

And your frantically scratting around trying to find one AAARRRGGGHHH.

A few days ago the exact same thing happened to me.

I was in the van having just stopped to grab some lunch and the phone rang.

I’ve also got a designated pen holder in my van, as I’m a bit sad like that.

But guess what?


As a last resort looked round and found a pen in the glovebox PHEW.

Now when I finished the call (which was another order obviously).

I looked at it and you will never guess how old it is?

I reckon it must be at least 15 years old and it still worked!

This particular pen was given to me by my bro in law Jaspa from back in the day when he used to work in a casino.

Jaspa is not his real name by the way.

We have all probably lost a few brain cells since then but we haven’t lost those pens.

This is why pens are always a wicked product to leave with your clients.

No-one ever throws a pen away.

Especially a nice one.

I’ve known riots to start in offices because of nice pens going missing!

All the pens we commandeered over the years, both at home and at work are all printed with company logos on.

I’ve obviously got the best ones on my desk (but don’t tell Kelly or Leanne).

So, do you want to be remembered?

Then why not leave your clients with something they will keep and still be using in 15 years time?

It’s a no brainier.

Pens, coasters, mugs….

Simple but effective Brand Amplification tools that are kept by absolutely everyone.

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