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Party like it’s 1979

by Brand Amplification
February 1st, 2019

Not sure if you know this but us Nations like a party.

Any excuse to celebrate really.

This week we have a big reason to celebrate.

No, it isn’t celebrating Mat doing the washing up.

It is my 40th birthday (don’t all say it at once, you don’t look old enough)

Now when I was a young un people who were 40 were old.

Now I have a different mindset (surprise, surprise)

Despite having 4 children, a business and a tough couple of years recently. I don’t feel old, so I am embracing being 40.

So, what am I doing for my birthday I hear you ask?

I am working of course.

The old saying you should love what you do for a living rings true with me. I do love my job.

And Fridays are my favourite day.

Some of you may have heard every Friday me and Mat attend a networking meeting called BNI Century.

The group is made up of 40+ members and we regularly have 50+ people in the room.

The atmosphere is amazing.

We are all there for one reason……. And that is to help each other’s businesses grow.

We network, we learn about each other’s business and a hell of a lot of business is passed.

These people are my sales team and I am theirs.

I now never have the headache of wondering who to go to for my electrical problems (we have a great electrician in the room).

Now today is not only special because it is my birthday. I will be sharing my 40th with BNI Century as the group has officially launched today.

I would not want to be anywhere else, birthday or no birthday my BNI meeting is my favourite way to end the week.

Now if you feel you want a sales team who will help you to grow your business drop me an email and I will tell you more about how you can come along and experience this for yourself.

Right, I am off to dust off those dancing shoes and drink like I was 18 again.

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