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Mud, rain, music and of course, alcohol

by Brand Amplification
August 4th, 2017

As you all know we went to a family festival last weekend.

It was fantastic.

It did rain in bits but overall we had a great time.

There was music, crafts activities, story tellers, rides and of course alcohol (we needed a glass of wine or 2 with 4 kids in tow).

We camped for two nights and the kids thought it was the best weekend ever.

Now our previous experience of festivals tells us food isn’t normally that great.

Grotty burgers, undercooked bacon, soggy noodles.

However this festival was very different.

The selections were good for all of us (even Jude).

And of course Mat found his favourite one.

They sold the most amazing vegetable fritters with homemade lentil dahl and coleslaw.

Now we would never have put those together but they were AMAZING!

So much so Mat had three portions (not in one sitting) and asked them to pitch up in our garden!

He did ask them for a business card too and guess what?

They didn’t have one!

You should have seen the look on Mat’s face.

It was like someone had run over his imaginary cat!

They had an amazing van with great signage BUT NO CARDS.

We also asked a performer if they had any and guess what?

They didn’t have any either!?!

We couldn’t believe it.

They had a perfect opportunity to showcase and promote their businesses to a large audience and they fluffed it.

Now don’t get caught out like these guys did.

Make sure you have at the very least a business card but also something different to leave with potential clients.

If you are struggling to stand out from the crowd or want to save time, stress and money on your print then pop your details below to request a complimentary consultation session to discuss your next print run or project.

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