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Life in Production

by Brand Amplification
October 8th, 2018

Life in ProductionThis past week has been a little hectic at Personalised Nation HQ.

Saturday we had a lovely morning celebrating Ruby’s 8th birthday with her friends.

We did this in style, we held a cinema party.

30 kids in a cinema who we (stupidly) fed sweets and sticky popcorn.


But she had a fab time which was all that counts.

When we had finished a nice cold G&T would have gone nicely, however, we had other plans.

No, not a nice meal or a relaxing afternoon on the sofa.

Me and Mat dropped the kids off with good old Nanny Sue and went to work!!!

Yes, on a Saturday.

We have had a large order in that needed picking and packing so it was all hands on deck.

I haven’t done this in a long time but when we make a promise we make sure we deliver.

So with 344 packages to make up, all with individual quantities of highlighters and bags needing to be carefully packaged we made a start.

We picked up the pace fairly quickly and with some old skool dance tunes in the background soon got into the swing of it.

We ended Saturday evening with good old chips from the chip shop and that much deserved G&T.

On Monday, we picked up the pace bright and early again with the remaining products and was joined by Dawn and Leanne.

With all 4 of us working hard we got it all packaged and sent off on time as promised.

By the end of this I will never fail to recognise Busy Bees nursery.

Lots more items will be following with their brand on in the near future.

They certainly know how important it is to be seen and remembered and have worked with us to make sure this is done in the best possible way.

If you want to be like Busy Bees and be recognised contact us to see how we can help.

If you are struggling to stand out from the crowd or want to save time, stress and money on your print then pop your details below to request a complimentary consultation session to discuss your next print run or project.

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