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It’s technology gone mad!

by Brand Amplification
September 27th, 2018

It’s technology gone mad!If there’s one thing I hate in life it’s shopping.

Food, clothes, toys, anything.

I can’t flipping stand it.

There’s nothing worse than trapesing around shops, kids moaning, needing the toilet every two seconds.

It’s not like back in the day.

Before the tinternet.

Before mobile phones.

I used to like a bus trip into Brum to spend my hard earned wages on clothes and CD’s

I used to spend hours in HMV browsing for a bargain.

Oh they were the days.

If only shopping could be made easier.

If only there was a way you didn’t have to trawl around the shops, or even spend hours searching for stuff on the internet.

Well, there is now.

Apparently, snapchat are just about to launch an app where you can take a photo of something, upload to Amazon and BOOOOM!

Item bought.

How cool (or frightening) is that.

I know another super cool way of getting people to buy stuff.

By getting them to remember who you are.

By getting your brand everywhere.

By giving them loads of goodies so they know who to call when they need your services.

Simple eh?

Well, it’s not that simple.

But it would be if you let us help you.

We guarantee to increase your brand awareness by using our unique Brand Amplification process.

Want to know more?

Then give me a call and we can have a chat over a cuppa.

Right, I’m off to change my password on my phone.

Or I may end up with a unicorn being delivered to work!

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