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It’s just another manic SUNDAY!

by Brand Amplification
May 2nd, 2018

Well we had a rather manic weekend (as usual).

No. 3 AKA Layla had a birthday party on Saturday with 5 (I repeat 5) of her friends at our house.

Add on our 4 tiddlywinks, plus a couple of struggs and let the chaos ensue!

Then Sunday, No. 2 Ruby had her friends party at the local cinema.

That was followed by the St Georges day parade with the Beavers and Scouts.

I told you it was manic!

We picked Ruby up from the party, totally forgot about lunch AAARRRGGGHHH, got her changed in the car and drove straight to drop her and No. 1 Isobelle off for the parade.

Now I bet you know how these things go, hundreds of kids being dropped off in on place at the same time.

All dressed in the same flippin uniforms!

So Mat did a drive by drop off.

He barely even stopped for us to jump out of the Venga Bus.

At one point I think he thought he was in a Hollywood car chase movie and I half expected him to do a handbrake turn.

So, kids dropped off and I make my way down to meet Mat when someone stopped me.

Hi I am a dad of one of the children at Beavers and see your car everywhere, can you tell me about the Brand Amplification you advertise?”

Now as you may have heard this happens to me a lot.

When out shopping, on the school run (in the pub, ssshhhh, don’t tell Mat hiccup) and now when dropping the kids off at a manic parade.

So off I go into full brag mode about what we do, how we do it and how we can help him get more sales.


That’s useful to know” he says, “as we are setting up a new business locally. Do you print business cards?”


What about Mugs and uniforms?”


Don’t spose you know anyone who does signage for outside the shop and my van do you?”

Yep we do all of that too!”



We sure do” I said.

Now as a result of our car/van/Venga Bus being signwritten we now have a potential customer and a list of quote requests from this conversation.

This just goes to show just how having your logo and business details on show at every available opportunity does pay off.

So if you need help ramping up your visual presence give us a call.

Right, I’m off to plan the strategy for this weekends shenadigans.

It’s Mat’s 40th soon and I’m still trying to get an action plan sorted for that!

Wish me luck!

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