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It wasn’t like this when I were a lad…

by Brand Amplification
October 12th, 2018

It’s been a testing few weeks.

The choices are endless.

It’s like a family day out, and when you’re finished your brain wants to explode.

And I know for a FACT, “it wasn’t like this when I were a lad”.

There were no choices, well not for us kids anyway.

For me it was either A or B.

And in my case it was either Great Wyrley or Cheslyn Hay.

I’m talking about high schools dan dan daaaaaaan.

As I said, we had no choice.

My mom and dad had the choice.

And guess which one they picked?

Was it the one which was just around the corner, or the one which was over a mile away?

Yep, the one which was a mile away, you go figure.

So rain, wind, snow, sleet, hail, monsoon, typhoon, hurricane (well maybe not the last three) we had to get to school, on foot.

I remember arriving at school that wet, we had to stand in front of the radiators in the mobile and there was steam rising of me like I was on fire!

To be honest, I think it’s made me the man I am today.

And probably the reason I’m still wearing shorts in October!

But anyway, that’s enough about my youth and onto the important stuff.

It’s decision time.

The big un, Isobelle, will be starting high school in 18 months.

So Kel’s been on the case and dragging us to every school in Staffordshire (well four anyway).

This is Kel’s department and she’s in her element.

Where I was walking round saying to myself:

“Are the frames on the wall lockable, to stop them being tampered with?”

“Are the signs UV printed direct to stop them snagging and naughty little fingers peeling them?”

“Are the wall graphics laminated with anti-scratch laminate to stop damage from footfall?”

Kel was on the case grilling every teacher in view.

GO KELLY!!!!!!

One school had epic signage which must have cost them a fortune.

One school even had goodie bags for each visiting student, full of promotional goods.

And all of the brochures were printed with great quality, laminated and PUR bound.

School + Brand Amplification = EPIC!

Now I’m not saying we base our kids education on their signage, only a nutter would suggest that J.

But first impressions definitely count.

So if you’re having visitors or walk in clients.

What first impression are you leaving on them?

Is YOUR signage fresh, bright and amazing?

Are you GIVING them something to REMEMBER YOU by?

If not, why not?

If not, we need to talk.

Just over a coffee or two to see how we can help your business make a first impression that guarantees you seal the deal.

Right I’m off to de-school myself.

All these visits to schools have bought back memories of my misspent youth.

Well not that misspent, I don’t think I turned out that bad did I?

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