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It nearly bought us to tears

by Brand Amplification
April 12th, 2019

It’s been ONE of those weeks

You know the ones, where everything, and I mean everything goes pear-shaped with a capital ‘P’

Sick kids everywhere

It’s been a right old #germfest

And then the silver lining

But not just any silver lining

A silver lining that epic, well, I’ll let you judge for yourself

When you receive a testimonial this good….

“So – Personalised Nation, where do you start? From the very first meeting to the last delivery of our project Mat and the team have been just fantastic. Going through a full rebrand in your company is stressful and when we first approached Personalised Nation it was still very hush hush until the formal launch. Mat and the team were trusted with some of the very first proofs of our new branding and were as excited as we were to see everything start to take shape.

From what was just a thought and a nugget of a concept with Mat’s help and encouragement blossomed into a project that everyone in the company could get involved with. Even talking to him about Brownies he recommended the best ones we have ever had in our lives – just ask he’ll tell you which ones! Being a multisite national organisation it was never going to be easy to coordinate everything to be there at the right time in the right place. It all had to coincide with our Love Your Team Week and the timeframes were getting smaller. How wrong was I! No sooner mentioned than Mat had a solution. Nothing was too much trouble. Boxes packed and shipped out – we had very happy teams who were surprised at the deliveries they had and loved them all.

Mat and the team kept us informed all the way through, even when there were little hiccups along the way he was honest and told us the truth. There was nothing more refreshing than someone telling you “look we have a problem but we will get it sorted out for you, it’s just going to be another couple of weeks.” I’d rather that, than be told it had all gone out and it actually hadn’t. Everything was checked and double checked, colours matched perfectly even to checking was it the right shade red at one point because it didn’t feel right. Mat was correct, it wasn’t, therefore, it got changed.

We had a number of items from Personalised Nation ranging from note pads and coasters to table cloths and mint tins. Nothing too big or small, and I think if I had wanted the Empire State Building covered in our logo that wouldn’t have been a problem either! It was exciting to see all the concept items in real life and to have the feedback from all the teams on how lovely they were, professional and how much they really loved having a corporate branded image.

I’m so pleased that we had Personalised Nation on board with the launch of these products, it was so important to get it completely right at a very precious time for the company. We now have branded items everywhere which we are all proud of.”

We really enjoyed working with Jo and the team at Busy Bees on this project, even I got my hands dirty in our production department!!

A HUMONGOUS high five and FABULOUS fist pumps for the AMAZING Jo Westwood

The Queen Bee of HR at Busy Bees for giving us some a fab testimonial

Right, I’m off to buy some ProShield Chemical Resistant Coveralls, gloves and masks

Proper CSI stylee, cus if I get these germs somebody is going to pay 🙂


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