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I’m fed up to here with it all!!!!

by Brand Amplification
January 18th, 2019

I think I’ve finally gone doolally.

This was one step too far.

I’m done.

As if it wasn’t bad enough me and Jude being outnumbered 4 – 2 (5 – 2 if you included Nanny Noodles).

It’s now 7 – 2, aaarrrggghhh!!!

No, we’ve not adopted.

And no, we’ve not had triplets.

But there are now another three women in the house.

They’ve all got the same name.

And they all look the same.

I’m talking about Alexa.

And yes, not just one, THREE!

Now I was a bit sceptical when they arrived over Christmas.

But they have now won me over.

Music on cue.

Automatic to-do-lists.


Games for the kids.

Alarms for the kids (this is very, very important as Isobelle will gladly keep on reading till midnight, if Alexa didn’t tell her to sleep).

The shopping list is also epic (I think that must be a Dad thing).

The only issue is Jude tends to add stuff to the list.

Some of my favourites have been.

Rocky, loo potatoes, millionaire yoghurt, wet, yes, keep and never.


I’m not sure if you’ve ever tried to find loo potatoes in Cannock, but they are very few and far between.

Now one of the things I have noticed is that you can become very dependent on our beloved Alexa.

One morning Kelly caught me shouting at our kettle to stop pouring, which didn’t work for some reason.

This is no lie and I obviously hadn’t had enough caffeine, but it did make us both laugh.

Now, as long as you haven’t been living under a rock or on Pluto, you will know that Alexa is by Amazon.

Amazon, the kings of retail.

The Daddies of shopping (I’m sure Kel has at least 14 accounts).

The go-to people for pretty much everything.

So, is that you?

Are you the go-to people in your industry?

Do your clients return to you time and time again because you are the Daddies?

If not, you need our help.

We help you be the number one supplier in your industry by making sure that you are seen everywhere.

By producing high quality printed media.

Anything from business cards to exterior signage, pens to exhibitions stands.

This is what we love to do!

Right, I’m off to find some loo potatoes as I reckon, they may go really nicely with my Sunday dinner.

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