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I know how to treat a lady….

by Brand Amplification
February 20th, 2019

It’s taken me nearly 17 years but I think I outdid myself

Completely nailed it

Absolutely smashed it

It all happened last weekend on our romantic getaway to Dublin

Kid free, yes I repeat, kid free

I whisked my darling wife away to Dublin to celebrate her 40th birthday

It took some meticulous planning I tell thee

And yes, of course there was a spreadsheet involved

You know me too well

So, I’d booked some epic restaurants

First off, on Friday, we went for some Swedish snap

I know, as they say in Cannock ‘I’m good ay I’

This involved some epic cheese fondue action

Which was basically us dipping bread into wine, then into cheese and then eating it

I mean, how good is that?

But it wasn’t until the Sunday when I really stepped up

And I mean really stepped up

Of all the places to go in Dublin

Which by the way is HUGE I stumbled upon this gem

Now I know what you’re thinking?

Guinness Factory?


Whiskey Distillery?



The one, the only……

National Print Museum!!!!!

I know, I know, I’m a true gent, aren’t I?

I mean, look at Kelly’s face and how impressed she was ☺

She loved every minute of it

And do you know how I could tell?

The fact that she was on her phone all the time we were there

She must have been texting all of her friends to tell them how good I am and to inform them of how much of a wonderful time she was having

I mean how much more fun can you have with letterpress blocks?

Plenty, I can tell you!

But Dublin is FULL of some epic brands and to be honest, some really shoddy signage

Watch out for next week’s email for my rundown on some epic fails

Right I’m off to call the BBC to see if they will facilitate my idea for a new travel show and how to impress your other half

It’s got ‘WINNER’ written all over it

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