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I am the best husband (part deaux)

by Brand Amplification
February 27th, 2019

Now I know what you’re all thinking?

How on earth can I top the epic weekend in Dublin?

Especially after the most romantic visit EVER to the print museum

Well I tell you how


But if you know me

It’s not just any booze

It was truly epic

So off we trudged across Dublin again

A little bit worse for wear to be honest

Then Bingo!

Google maps said we had arrived

But where was it, I couldn’t see it for toffee

So I went to the tourist info for help

Anyway, after some cloak and dagger conversation with the receptionist

It turns out it’s a secret location and that’s why we couldn’t find it


The setting and music were based in the prohibition era in America

And the cocktails were fab too, hiccup!

It was called the Blind Pig.

If you’re ever in Dublin I would highly recommend it.

But now I’ve got a bee in my bonnet

Dublin was awesome, don’t get me wrong.

But some of the signage was truly pants

There was vinyl graphics peeling all over the place

Fabricated letters installed with fixings through the face

Cut letters that hadn’t been weeded correctly

I have photo evidence if you don’t believe me

Kel was really impressed with that

Me walking round, taking photos of signs

Even touching them and trying to push the bubbles out

I think it’s normal

Kel thinks its borderline neurotic

If you think she looked impressed on last week’s photo, that was nowt

But there is a serious note

Quality is essential

Your brand is everything to us

That is why we put every single order through our extensive quality checking process

To make sure these things DO NOT HAPPEN

Big sigh, rant over!

Right, I’m off to buy some cocktail making stuff

Tom Cruise ain’t got nowt on me!

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