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Holy Cannoli!

by Brand Amplification
August 30th, 2017

Was it a dream or have we just had a Bank Holiday with NO RAIN?

I think so.

After a pretty dreadful summer, at last the sun was out.

So off we went.

Kids packed in the car, but no picnic!

No picnic I hear your cry.

That’s correct, no picnic.

And do you know why?

Cus we were off to the Lichfield Food Festival.

Now I’m a big fan of choice, but this was toooooooo much.

They had everything from hog roast to hotdogs, burgers to bubble and squeak.

The endless supply of alcohol was also a joy (well for me anyway, as Mat was driving) he he.

There was also some great local businesses, showcasing their wares. Like the queen of Lichfield, Louie Clegg from The Best Of. Who I have to say has got Brand Amplification nailed.

But the one thing that I remember the most (and will definitely not forget) are these little beauties.

Crunchy pastry with a smooth, sweet cheese filling.

The one and only, CANNOLI!

OMG! They are amazing!

We had a lemon, which I would give a 7 out of 10.

Then there was the pistachio and hazelnut. A damn fine 10 out of 10 (or even an 11).

They were boxed, with a branded bag and a leaflet inside.

Now we’ve kept that leaflet as we may be needing their services next year for a top secret project.

So here is my point.

From us buying 3 (extremely nice) cakes from them.

We kept their details in the form of a leaflet and therefore they may get a sale in a few months time.

So is this something you are doing?

Are you making sure you give your clients something to remember you by?

If not, you could be missing out on that sale.

If you are struggling to stand out from the crowd or want to save time, stress and money on your print then pop your details below to request a complimentary consultation session to discuss your next print run or project.

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