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Holy Cannoli – part deaux

by Brand Amplification
June 6th, 2018

They’ve only gone and done it again.

And I fell for it hook, line and sinker.

Let me set the scene……….

We wake up nice and early Saturday and plan the day ahead.

We only had 50% of the tribe, so as you can image, the planning was slightly easier.

Then BOOOM, Kelly has noticed the Gin and Cheese festival in Lichfield.

We decided the leave the Venga Bus at home this week, so we could treat ourselves to a drink or two!

So off we trotted up to Cannock and caught the bus.

It was a lovely day, the sun and shades were out.

A great way to spend a Saturday!

Then from across the car park I saw it.

I recognised it straight away.


I was, at this point on my own.

So off I walked, briskly to find Kel and the kids.

“Guess who’s here?” I asked with baited breath.

Obviously, they didn’t know, but I was that excited so thought I’d ask.

“The Cannoli guys”.

“Where, where” said Kelly in a fit of panic.

“Not sure but I’ve just seen the van”.

Now if you cast your mind back, these guys were at the Lichfield Food Festival last year.


You have to have one if you have never tried them before.

And there it is.

From seeing their van across a crowded car park I knew they were “in-the-house”.

So they got a sale from me.

That’s the proof right there that it works.

If you’re driving around in a blank, and quite frankly boring car or van.

How is anyone going to know who you are and what you do?


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