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He’s got terrible claws, knobbly knees, orange eyes and a poisonous wart aaarrrggghhh

by Brand Amplification
November 5th, 2018

It’s one of the things we’ve always done.

It’s part of our ritual and always will be.

And too be honest, I loooove it.

I’m talking about story time.

It happens every night and is possibly the calmest time in our house.

Now I’ve got my own personal faves.

One night in the zoo.

And possibly the best book ever written.

Jack and the flumflum tree.

If you’ve got kids and not read this, buy it now, it’s EPIC.

We’ve even got a little routine where the kids join in the chorus they’ve heard it that many times.

Jude, at the moment has his own personal favourite.

It’s the Gruffalo.

Great book, great illustration and a little humorous along the way.

So when the Taylors (that’s my sis Zo, hubby Jase and the kids) came down there was only one place we were going to go.

But it wasn’t our idea.

It was the boys.

From reading the story for the past 83 nights, we’ll it’s not quite that many, but it feels like it.

He remembered the wooden statue which is on Cannock chase.

So off we trotted, hats and gloves packed to visit the orange eyed beast.

You have to love the chase don’t you.

Loads to do and absolutely free, which is even better.

They are always changing the events and activities also.

All their sites advertised and signposted really well.

I’m trying to get a foot in the door at the forestry commission, so if you know anyone, there would be a goodie or two in it for you 😃

Finding premises and advertising is key to any business.

Is your business being advertised correctly and is your signage up-to-date?

If not, give us a call to see how we can help.

Right, I’m off to get my knickers out of a twist and look in my patchwork sack.

If you know, you know 😃

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