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FREE PIZZA FOR LIFE, Now you’re talking!

by Brand Amplification
September 14th, 2018

FREE PIZZA FOR LIFE, Now you’re talking!

I do love a good pizza.

It’s probably my favourite takeaway.

It’s always the go to snack when time is tight or I’ve had a few too many.

But too be honest, it doesn’t happen that often

Do you know why?

Because it’s too flippin expensive.

I mean, we can easily spend over £30 on a takeaway.

And that’s just me and Kel, no kids included.

I’d rather pre-empt the strike and go get a bad boy stuffed crust from the supermarket the night before.

But when I heard Dominos were giving away FREE pizza for life, well…..

I thought all my christmases had come at once.

But there were two slight, small catches.

One, it was in Russia.

And without asking the question, I don’t think Kelly would go for that.

Two, you have to go get a Dominos tattoo done.

Yep that’s right, a proper full tattoo, then you get free pizza

Now as I said, I like pizza, in fact I love it.

But this is taking it a step too far.

This is brand Amplification gone mental!

I mean, I can think of a million and one things you can get your logo printed on, without having to have a tattoo.

Loads of cool goodies that you can give to your clients or use at exhibitions.

Lots of stands or displays that make sure you get seen.

Sound interesting?

Then give me a call and we can catch up over a coffee.

Right, I’m off to dust off my Cossack cus Kelly, we’re off to Moscow with the kids next year!

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