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Farmer John #legend – Part 2

by Brand Amplification
September 8th, 2017

I tell you what.

I think Farmer John has been pinching our ideas (along with Sharon too).

It truly was a magical place.

I was really impressed with their whole branding and Brand Amplification.

Every little aspect was perfect.

But there was something else which was GENIUS!

The industry of their farm was goats milk.

They had over 1200 of them on the farm, all free range and loving life.

The farm is one of only 7 others which supply St Helens goats milk into the main supermarkets.

This is the genius aspect.

In the honesty shop guess what milk they had in the fridge?

Correct, goats milk.

But that’s not all.

They had goats cheese, goats butter and goats yoghurts. They even gave us a free bottle of milk to try.

And why is this genius I hear you cry.

Because Farmer John and Sharon want you to buy it and to tell all your friends about it because it’s making them money and supporting local farmers every time someone buys a St Helens product.

Dual Brand Amplification on show, Glamping and now goat milk products, I told you he was a legend!

I did also do a little bit of Brand Amplification myself.

We met a lovely family who were staying in the tent next to us.

James, Jacquline, Roberta and Ben from Hampshire.

Me and James got talking and obviously work cropped up, so I explained what our a Brand Amplification process was all about.

The next morning he came up to me and said “I think your Brand Amplification is a great idea, me and Jacky we’re talking about it last night. We also think your car is brilliant. I’ll take a look at your website when we get back and see if there’s any way we can use your services”.

Boom that was it, I went straight to the car, got a business card, pen and note pad and duly gave them to him. I also had one of his cards.

I’ve not heard anything yet, but at least I was prepared and ready to strike.

It’s so important that in these opportune moments you have something to leave with your prospective client.

If you don’t, how are they going to remember you?

So back onto the wonders of Glamping.

If you’ve not been Glamping before I would 100% recommend going here.

You will have the most wonderful time.

It really is that good, trust me.

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