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Epic Easter Extravaganza

by Brand Amplification
April 24th, 2019

Suns out, kids out

That’s the way we roll on a bank holiday in the sunshiiiiine

So what to do?

Saturday = Chase Fest

Yep, we literally live on Cannock Chases back door so why not spend a day frolicking in the woods

Picnic packed

Racket games bought

We even had time for some disco den building courtesy of the legend that is Mr David Warren

Sunday = Bike and Scooter Fest

Sandwell Valley is Awesome for this

A great bike ride for Mat and Isobelle to go on plus some ace flat surfaces for the others to raz around on

Once again, another picnic packed and munched on the grass

Another top day with the fab family and no broken bones which is a bonus if you’ve ever seen Jude on a scooter

Monday = Drayton Manor

No picnic this time but we were out the house for 8am

I’m not kidding

When we have a day planned, were on it

It’s like a military operation, in fact, I’m sure I saw Mat wearing a beret at some point

It took some hiding from the ‘ears of a bat’ Ruby, but I think we just about managed it

Drayton Manor is great

But when I say great, it’s England great

It definitely aint no Disney

But then again, NOTHING beats Disney

I’d go back 5 times a year if I had the choice (and the wonga) to do it

So plenty to do at DM and it’s only down the road which is fab

Mat and Isobelle are the thrill seekers of the family, to be honest

I’m quite happy sitting on the carousel with the Ruby, Layla and Jude, but not Mat and Snazza

So off they trekked leaving us sane people alone

Then I got the call

‘Can you come to storm force 10’

For those of you who don’t know this is a water ride

Why on earth they left it to the last minute I’ll never know

But that’s Mat for you 😊

So when we were waiting for Mat and Isobelle we stumble upon a splash area

This is where you can stand (why I do not know) and get wet

Well, that’s a red rag to a bull for Ruby

Water is like a magnet to Ruby, always has been

She’d even find a way to get wet in the Sahara Desert trust me

So then Mat and Isobelle appear

Soaked from head to foot, but not as wet as Ruby

You should have seen Mat’s face when he saw her

He actually thought she’d fell in the lake tee hee

So once again, another fun packed, action-filled day had by one and all

So when Mat was driving home, amidst all the squelching shoes and the white wall of noise from the back, I had a thought

Making decisions to do stuff can sometimes be spontaneous

Just like Mat and Isobelle’s decision to ride Storm force 10 at the end of the day!

Deciding to do something

It’s not unusual (as Mr Jones once said)

So when we get calls and emails saying

‘I’ve got an idea but I don’t think it can be done in time’

Our eyes light up

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

And if it can be done, we can do it

To have that safety from a supplier is brilliant, we know because we have it with some of ours

When the proverbial hits the fan

You need someone with a cape to come and sort it and that’s us

Right, I’m just off to hire a child planner

Nope, I’m NOT planning on having any more kids, trust me

But ages ago some numpty decided to put all the bank holidays together

And I need some ideas on how to entertain the clan that is the Nations

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