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Duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, goose!

by Brand Amplification
February 7th, 2018

Oh I do love a bit of irony.

So when I heard about this, I had to check twice.

Oh, and it made me laugh.

In fact, I actually laughed out loud.

When I saw the news story that a hunter had been hit by a goose!

But not just any goose.

A 14-pound bad boy.

Now these geese can have a wingspan of up to 6ft.

So, it must have packed a punch.

This is exactly what happened to Mr Meilhammer.

He was on a hunting trip with his friends

When he got hit by a dead goose that one of his group had just shot.

Maybe next time you’ll think twice about shooting a poor, defenceless animal.

And I’m kinda hoping the goose did it on purpose.

Like a scene out of Star Wars.

When the X-Wings are bombing into the Death Star after they’d been shot.

Wishful thinking perhaps.

But I do have some advice for Mr Meilhammer.

If only he had REMEMBERED to look up.

He probably wouldn’t have nearly been decapitated by a vengeful goose.

Even the simplest of things to remember can make a massive difference.

Like remembering to leave a business card with your client.

Or remembering to have your brand on your clothing when you go into meetings.

Small things make a massive difference and will hopefully stop you getting cleaned out by kamikaze geese!

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