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Don’t you swear at me!!!!!!

by Brand Amplification
October 19th, 2018

Now you know me by now I am not easily insulted.

However a comment last week really pushed me over the edge.

I am not a prude but I just can’t stand some words.

And the C word is probably my most hated.

Especially when mentioned in October!!!!

Yes, you guessed it…………………………………………

I am talking about Christmas.

Now before I get lynched let me set one thing straight.

I LOVE Christmas.

It is my favourite time of year.


I HATE the planning for it.

Trying to find the perfect gift for everyone,

Finding time to go out and purchase the perfect gift

And lastly wrapping ALL those presents (Mat hates it more than me I tell you)


So when a discussion in the office turned to Christmas I was quick to jump on the it isn’t even the end of October yet band wagon.

I was alarmed to hear however that Christmas shopping had already started for them.

That was it I wasn’t partaking in such a conversation (We haven’t even had Halloween yet)

But when Leanne mentioned Lego I was all ears

Jude loves the stuff, in fact he was playing with it at the weekend making another fantastic veHEEcle (as he calls them)

He plays for hours on end and woe betide anyone who destroys his veHEEcles, we have them dotted all around the house.

But you know what, the Lego we have, used to be Mat’s and before that was his uncles!

Anyway back to the C word conversation.

Leanne was buying  a Lego head storage container for her nephews for C********

Immediately this sounds like something Jude would love, I wanted more information

So after a lengthy discussion and a few google searches I found what I was looking for!

It is genius!!!!

Not only are Lego world renowned they have used their brand to create practical items such as storage.

Everyone knows likes and trusts Lego as a brand and that’s because they have their logo on everything.

Now you may have got the gist that we are somewhat of an expert in the field of getting logos seen.

So if you feel you need to expand where your logo is seen and want to stand out and get recognised contact us now.

Right I am off to see what other Lego sets I like so I mean that Jude would like for C********

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