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Do you want some hot chocolate with that cream?

by Brand Amplification
May 1st, 2019

I’m not one for shopping but needs must

The two youngest were at nanny noodles’ house so off we went

A family (well nearly a full family) off to Telford

Now we wouldn’t normally venture out shopping

Especially because I would rather stick pins in my eyes than do that, but hey ho

And there was a reason

Isobelle has been PESTERING us for ages asking if she can spend her birthday money

And seeing as though her birthday was nearly eight weeks ago we kind of gave in

Now think of the most indecisive person you know

Times that by 53

And you have Isobelle

So when Kel said ‘I’ll take Ruby, you take Isobelle’ I was off like a shot

We had a bit of shopping to do for nanny noodles as it’s her 70th birthday in May

But I’m sworn to secrecy to what we have bought, cus I know she reads these emails

So after a mooch around the shops, we needed a bevoir

I was tempted to sneak off to the local spoons, but I value my life

What’s the next best thing to alcohol, caffeine!

So we popped into Muffin Break for a quick drinky poos and to rest our feet

Me, large latte with extra shots (you know the score)

Ruby, hot chocolate, with no marshmallows

And when the lady said I can put you some more cream on instead I wasn’t going to say no

But when they said ‘extra cream’, they really meant ‘extra cream’

I mean look at the size of it!

Need I say it was all polished off without spillage?

We don’t do waste in our house, even if it is a bit of spillage

But we also implement this policy at PN HQ

We hate seeing people waste money

And one of the things that allow us to do this is our complimentary consultation

Where you sit down with yours truly to discuss exactly what you want

We can then use our 25 years’ experience to discuss and advise the best solutions for your project

Making the project run smoother and your products last longer

Right I’m off on a coffee hunt

I have it on good authority that there’s a coffee out there that boosts your brain power

I’ve gotta get me some of that bad boy

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