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Cadbury chaos – part 2

by Brand Amplification
March 22nd, 2018

Cake, biscuits, chocolate.

Which one’s your favourite?


Ooooh, I’d be torn to make a choice.

I honestly LOOOOVE all three, you can even throw a bit of ice cream and cream on top if you want?

So, when we FINALLY decided to go to Cadbury World.

It took a lot of deliberation, trust me.

I was over the moon.

You could say I was like a kid in a sweet shop but that’s a bit obvious.

So, upon arrival, we commence the tour.

We learnt some interesting facts.

Most interesting of all was that John Cadbury’s sons took over the business in 1861.

One of the main reasons for this was to work on the branding.

It’s what I like to call Brand Amplification 19th Century stylee!

So, on the tour I did my usual thing.

It drives Kelly nuts.

She gives me that look.

You know the one.

The one you get when you say your just popping down the pub for a couple and stroll in at 1am.

Yep, that one!

I can’t help but check and touch (yep I said touch) all the signs on display.

I have to see what they are made from and if they would pass my strictest QC checking.

Most of them would have but there’s definitely a couple which made me say NOOOOOO!

And for that reason, I need a favour.

I need to speak to the head of marketing to see if I can help.

So, if you know them, or even know someone who may know them.

Then please let me know.

There may be a little something in it for you 👍

Right I’m off to finish off all those free Cadbury Oreo bars the kids were given.

KIDS! I hear you shout.

You don’t think we waste the good stuff on the kids do you?

They can have the value digestives I bought them last week!

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