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Advantia gets the silent treatment

At Personalised Nation we don’t just design and produce graphics, signs, banners and a host of promotional items – we install them too.

We know it can be a nightmare if you have suppliers traipsing in and out of your offices, disrupting your working day, so we go the extra mile to be quiet as well as efficient. We’re delighted if our customers forget we are there.

So, we were delighted when Advantia Business Solutions Limited, called us ‘a dream to work with’.

Beck Miller, the company’s marketing and operations director, said: “We had a lot of graphics installed all around the building and there was no disruption to the office. We didn’t know the work was going on. Personalised Nation is a dream to work with.”

We were introduced to Advantia by Karen Nicholls, director of Roar Marketing Limited. She said: “I asked Mat to meet me at Advantia’s office to discuss how we could apply their re-brand to their workspace, boardroom and visitor areas. This required a variety of materials, doing some painting before work could start and even concreting signs into the parking area.

“Roar Marketing supplied the artwork, Personalised Nation produced and installed all the graphics and signs.”

Karen continued: “I have total confidence in Personalised Nation. I have used their expertise on other jobs and will definitely be using them again.”

Beck Miller added: “Mat is a through and through professional. His team even touched up some of the paintwork in our kitchen which wasn’t even a room they were working in! 

“Mat just knew what we wanted, nothing was too much trouble and he and his team more than delivered.” 

Find out more about Advantia Business Solutions at and Roar Marketing at

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