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Aaarrrggghhh I’ve run out of paper!

by Brand Amplification
February 22nd, 2018

I’m only jesting.

Like that would ever happen had PN HQ.

But then again, we are super organised.

We have systems in place so we always have stock.

And notifications going off left, right and centre to let us know if we need to get something done.

Plus the fact we work with wonderful suppliers.

Most of which are local and give us a great service.

They’re not always the cheapest, but then again, why would you want them to be.

So can you imagine my face when I heard the news on the radio.

KFC have ran out of chicken.

I repeat, KFC have ran out of chicken.

I nearly crashed the Venga Bus.

Now it seems to me the reason for this Chicken catastrophe is because they have tried to save some money!

So by swapping from an established food distributor to a courier service to save a few spondoolas.

They have had to shut 575 out of 900 branches across the UK.

Holy moly, that is one hell of a clanger.

I bet the colonel is turning in his grave.

Can you imagine being a hungry customer and walking into KFC.

“Can I have a family bucket with all the trimming please?”

“Erm sorry no, we erm haven’t got any erm chicken”

I mean, it really does make me chuckle and the funniest thing I’ve heard in ages.

So, there’s a couple of things that really stand out from this mahoosive error.

One, don’t be tight, the cheapest option is not always the best.

Two, you have to make sure you are talked about and remembered for the right reason.

And not for a brutally brilliant bucket balls-up like KFC.

So do me a favour.

Make sure you take 5 minutes to assess your business and check to see if you have the correct tools to make sure you are remembered.

Then if your thinking that you don’t, pick up the phone and give us a call.

We can make sure you get remembered for the right reason.

If you are struggling to stand out from the crowd or want to save time, stress and money on your print then pop your details below to request a complimentary consultation session to discuss your next print run or project.

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